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Sports Psychotherapist

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Overcome obstacles and achieve your full potential with the Winning Edge.

At The Winning Edge, founded by Susan Farber, MA, LMFT, you acquire the necessary mental skills and coping tools to achieve success both on the playing fields, actual and virtual, and in life pursuits. An integration of mental skills training, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mind-body modalities provide a solid foundation for mental toughness and peak performance.

  • Together, we develop a personalized performance plan based upon sport psychology assessment tools, personal interview, and the establishment of goals and objectives.
  • Using cognitive behavioral therapy, we unwind negative beliefs and thought patterns that hold you back from achieving your goals. You learn how to effectively modify and manage your internal dialogue, emotions, and behavior, enabling you to move past mental blocks and access your full potential.
  • You learn how to access the powerful connection between your mind and body, enabling a sense of internal control and calm during performance and competition.

Train Your Mind to…

Handle Pressure

Are you having difficulty handling pressure from …?

  • parents
  • spouse (or significant other)
  • teammates
  • coaches
  • other competitors
  • sponsors
  • team managers
  • self

Learn ways to cope with the pressures of competition. Develop realistic expectations and curb perfectionism. Develop an internal sense of control.

Reduce Stress and Prevent Burnout

  • Do you feel stress over managing the demands of being both a competitive athlete and student?
  • Are you struggling with making the leap to competing at a semi-professional or professional level?
  • As an eAthlete, are you having a difficult time bridging the gap from playing in the comfort of your own home to the public arena?
  • Do you feel burned out, unmotivated, and contemplate quitting?

Learn how to maintain balance and perspective between your sport and the rest of your life. Utilize successful goal setting techniques to maintain drive and commitment.

Deal Effectively with Relationship Issues

  • Are you having a hard time dealing with a difficult coach or teammate?
  • Are relationship problems with your parents and/or significant other interfering with your performance during training and/or competition?

Cope with relationship issues so that you can maintain focus, motivation and keep your cool during practice and competition.

Male Swimmer with head in hands at the edge of the pool could use help from the winning edge to cope with a loss

Manage Negative Emotions

Do you struggle with managing negative emotions such as…?

  • anxiety
  • frustration and anger
  • fear
  • sadness
  • embarrassment

Learn strategies to regulate your feelings before, during, and after competition.

Cope Well with Athletic Injury, including Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Are you experiencing sadness, anger and even depression over being injured?
  • Are you having a hard time following your rehabilitation regimen and tempted to push the envelope in activity level?  
  • Do you worry about not returning to your prior level of competence, pre-injury?

Develop strategies to positively cope with your injury and the recovery process.  Use your mind to help heal your body.

Develop Mental Skills

Do you have trouble with…?

  • maintaining concentration and resisting distractions
  • not choking at key moments during competition
  • consistently performing during both practice and competition
  • maintaining confidence and counteracting self-doubt
  • quickly bouncing back from mistakes and not spiraling downward, ending up in a slump

Learn the necessary mental skills to maintain focus, play in the here and now, and regain composure. Use positive imagery to prepare for an event and optimize performance.

The Winning Edge offers services for…

The Winning Edge offers services for youth and adult athletes, coaches, parents, and teams in the Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas.   Susan Farber works with athletes at all levels on an individual and team basis, including, but not limited to, water polo, soccer, basketball, rugby, baseball, softball, running, surfing, gymnastics, cycling, tennis, swimming, triathlon, equestrians, and eSports.

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