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Sports Psychotherapist

Sports Psychology Services


The Winning Edge for Sport

The Winning Edge provides services to athletes of all ages and in all types of sports from the amateur to the professional level. Services are available for teams, sport parents, and coaches.
Sessions are offered in the office, on-site, by telephone, or by Skype.

The Winning Edge will help you:

  • Achieve peak performance
  • Cope with external pressure and manage stress
  • Effectively manage performance anxiety, fear of failure/loss
  • Boost self-confidence and mental toughness, conquer your inner critic
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and negative internal dialogue impeding full potential
  • Learn effective goal setting strategies- SMART
  • Achieve balance between life and sport for prevention of burnout
  • Manage relationship issues involving teammates, coaches, and parents
  • Develop leadership and coaching strategies through positive communication
  • Successfully manage adjustment issues during the process of injury rehabilitation
  • Cope with the aging process and retirement from sport
  • Maintain exercise adherence and training regimen

Treatment includes the following:

  1. Clinical interview and analysis of written mental skills assessments to identify goals and objectives
  2. Direct observation of athletic performance and team interaction
  3. Consultation with coaches
  4. Development of an individualized mental skills training program based upon assessment results
  5. Training in the use of cognitive behavioral, mind-body, sport psychology strategies, and communication skills designed to reduce stress and enhance performance. Strategies include:
  1. Parent education to support your child’s mental game
  2. Clinical intervention for mood and anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and eating disorders affecting performance
  3. Adjustment counseling to cope with physical injury and post-concussive syndrome
  4. Periodic re-assessment to evaluate progress
  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Virtual Training-Positive Imagery
  • Pre-shot Routines
  • Pre-game Routines
  • Cognitive Restructuring
  • Thought Stopping
  • Positive Self-talk
  • Mindfulness Strategies
  • Conscious Breathing
  • Relaxation

The Winning Edge for eAthletes

The Winning Edge teaches you how to apply sport psychology strategies to achieve peak performance in eSports.

photo by Zone eSports

The Winning Edge for Athletic Injury, Including Traumatic Brain Injury

Often following an injury, adjustment issues can arise that may include:

      • Anger, Frustration, Depression
      • Loss of Sense of Self
      • Reduced Self-Confidence
      • Anxiety, Fear, Impatience
      • Difficulty coping with cognitive and physical deficits
      • Isolation and Loneliness – feeling disconnected from your teammates and friends
      • Grief and Loss
      • Loss of independence
      • Early Retirement, Missing a Season or More

The Winning Edge offers psychotherapy to help you successfully manage the stress of being injured and recovery process.

The Winning Edge for Life

Many of the skills athletes utilize in achieving success in their sport can be applied to other aspects of their lives, where performance comes into play. At the Winning Edge, you will learn mental techniques to achieve peak performance in non-sport performance situations. Examples include:

  • Taking an exam
  • Giving a class presentation
  • Public speaking
  • Business/Social networking
  • Job interview
  • Performing in a play, dance
  • Audition

Types of Athletes:

  • Children
  • Adolescent
  • Collegiate
  • Master Level
  • Professional
  • Semi Pro
  • Elite
  • eAthletes
  • Retired

Sessions Setting:

  • In Office
  • At Athletic Event
  • Training Site
  • Skype

Types of Sports:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cycling
  • Equestrian
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Lacrosse
  • eSports
  • Running
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Water Polo

Information, Referral, and Scheduling

Athletes may contact the Winning Edge directly at (805)886-5538.

Referrals also accepted by:

  • Coaches
  • Parents
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Physicians

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