The Winning Edge offers treatment for performance-related problems in sport and life. We work with adults and young athletes in all types of sports, at the amateur and professional level, as well as with teams, parents of athletes, and coaches. Services are provided in the office, on site, by telephone, or by Skype. Group sessions are available as well.

The Winning Edge will help you:

  • Achieve peak performance
  • Cope with external pressure and stress management
  • Effectively manage performance anxiety, fear of failure/loss
  • Boost self-confidence and mental toughness
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and negative internal dialogue impeding full potential
  • Learn effective goal setting strategies
  • Manage relationship issues involving teammates, coaches, and parents
  • Develop leadership and coaching strategies through positive communication
  • Successfully manage adjustment issues during the process of injury rehabilitation
  • Cope with the aging process and retirement from sport
  • Achieve balance between life and sport for prevention of burnout
  • Maintain exercise adherence

Treatment, depending upon the nature of the presenting issue, may or may not include the following:

  • Clinical interview and analysis of written mental skills assessments to identify goals
  • Direct observation of athletic performance and team interaction
  • Consultation with coaches and allied health professionals
  • Development of an individualized mental skills training program based upon assessment results
  • Periodic re-assessment to evaluate progress
  • Training in the use of cognitive/behavioral, mind/body and sport psychology strategies designed to reduce stress and enhance performance
  • Parent education
  • Referrals to adjunct professionals such as a dietician, physical trainer, rehabilitation specialist, physician
  • Clinical intervention for mood and anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and eating disorders affecting performance

The Winning Edge for Sport Related Head Injury
We provide psychotherapy to help athletes cope with psychological adjustment issues.  Issues addressed are:

  • Anger/Frustration/Depression
  • Loss of Self/Identity
  • Self-Confidence
  • Anxiety and Fear
  • Isolation/Loneliness
  • Grief/Loss
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Early Retirement

The Winning Edge Performance Enhancement Group
This is an 8 week mental skills group available to athletes of all disciplines. Bi-monthly sessions include 6-8 athletes and focus on:

  • Confidence-building
  • Peer support
  • Concentration/attention
  • Management of stress and negative emotions
  • Learning mental imagery/visualization for peak performance
  • Successful goal setting
  • Development of positive self-talk
  • Relationship issues

The Winning Edge for Life
Many of the skills athletes utilize in achieving success in their sport can be applied to other aspects of their lives, where performance comes into play. At the Winning Edge, you will learn mental techniques to achieve peak performance in non-sport performance situations. Examples include:

  • Taking an exam
  • Giving a class presentation
  • Public speaking
  • Business/Social networking
  • Job interview
  • Audition

Information, Referral and Scheduling
Individuals may be referred to the Winning Edge by coaches, parents, health care professionals, or physicians. Athletes may contact the Winning Edge directly at (805) 886-5538. Ask for Susan Farber, MFT, sports psychotherapist, to schedule an appointment.


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