Train your mind and body using the Mind/Body Connection to achieve peak performance…

World class athletes spend a great deal of energy on mastering their mental game.

They understand that what happens in their mind can either hinder or help physical performance. Visualizing successful execution of a play increases a positive outcome.

At the Winning Edge, we utilize a mind/body approach to achieve peak performance. We address how your body manifests your negative beliefs and internal dialogue. You learn to figuratively ‘clean house’, keeping only those beliefs and thoughts that enable you to achieve the Winning Edge. By developing the proper mindset and mental skills, you will be able to unlock your full potential and perform at a higher level than you’ve ever visualized. Our program will teach you specifically-tailored sport psychology techniques and cognitive restructuring to regulate your mind and emotions so that you can physically perform at your best.

Many of the mental skills athletes use to achieve success in their sport can be applied to other aspects of their lives, where performance comes into play. Examples of non-sport situations include: class presentations, oral and written exams, public speaking, job interviews, auditions, and social networking. The Winning Edge will teach you to take what you learned on the playing field into real-life situations.

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